‘Technology has disrupted physical events’: Naveen Kundu

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While shedding light on the Indian MICE industry trends amidst the ongoing crisis, Naveen Kundu, Managing Director, EbixCash Travel Services, opines, “During the last few years, the meetings (MICE) industry has been forced to re-evaluate how it conducts its business and rethink how it drives results during a period of drastic economic volatility and unprecedented changes arising due to the pandemic and the fact that technology has disrupted physical events completely. There is a requirement that leaders in the industry come together to defend the purpose of MICE and highlight its benefits for the overall well-being of the stakeholders. If the meetings industry has to come back in totality and replace the digital revolution of Zoom, the emphasis has to be on destination marketing, backed up by support from the hospitality and aviation industries, to reinvent the sector and conduct business in a collaborative manner.”