IHG holds roadshow to promote business travel in China

bic event

IHG Hotels & Resorts has launched its 2023 IHG Greater China Expo & Owner Roadshow with the theme of Go Beyond, hosting events in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing to showcase the company’s robust development in the business travel market.
Rita Jiang, Vice President, Commercial, IHG Greater China, said, “Along with the full economic recovery in China, business travel has finally resumed and entered a fast lane of development, bringing with it great confidence and motivation for IHG to expand the business travel and M!CE markets. This Expo showcases IHG’s 12 unique brands in Greater China, and also provides an opportunity for offline communication between our hotels and business travel clients. It is the right time and place for business travel to grow, and this roadshow provides an opportunity for us to further explore markets and channels.”