CWT adds green travel offerings for corporate bookings

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In an effort to help businesses travel a bit more sustainably, corporate travel agency CWT has upgraded its mobile booking application. Through its myCWT mobile and online platforms, it is now beginning to offer car rental and train booking capabilities internationally. Prior to the relaunch, travellers could make reservations for cars and trains by calling, emailing, or messaging a CWT travel counsellor, or by using third-party online booking tools. However, the company said that now they will have more options to make and manage these reservations independently. Additionally, customers continue to have access to commercially negotiated discounts and preferred vendors while information about loyalty programmes from automobile rental providers is being incorporated.
The development comes after it pledged to invest $100 million in its app as one of the terms of its $1.6 billion refinancing agreement. It’s also a part of an effort to provide what’s known as an “omni-channel experience,” in which businesses aim to provide customers with the same information and encounter regardless of how they interact with them. More significantly, this most recent worldwide rollout aids clients in achieving carbon emission reduction targets.