The G20 Summit: Catalyst for a greener world

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The G20 Summit has inspired convention centres and hotels to embrace sustainable practices that align with its objectives and meet corporate clients’ expectations.

Janice Alyosius

The hosting of international events like the G20 Summit can have a profound impact on convention centres and hotels, particularly for hosting corporate events. These events not only elevate the standards of the hosting destination but also offer opportunities for hospitality and event corporate sector. In this article, we delve deepeer into the insights shared by industry experts on the impact of the G20 Summit on convention centres and hotels, and the sustainability practices they have adopted to meet the expectations of corporate clients.

Rakesh Kumar, Chairman, India Expo Mart Limited (IEML), highlighting the significant impact of hosting the G20 Summit in the Delhi-NCR region said, “The G20 Summit in Delhi-NCR raised the Greater Noida convention centre’s profile, making it a prominent choice for MICE events. It has transformed the region into a top destination for conventions and meetings at all levels, government and private alike.”

He also added, “The G20 Summit’s economic impact has indirectly boosted our Greater Noida convention centre, making it an attractive choice for corporate events seeking to capitalize on the summit’s economic vibrancy. Corporations are increasingly selecting our venue due to its proximity to the high-profile international event and outstanding facilities. This rising demand underscores our convention centre’s popularity, driven by its ability to meet corporate clients’ expectations and align with G20 Summit sustainability practices.”

Rubin Cherian, General Manager, Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre & Hyderabad International Convention Centre, echoed similar sentiments. He said, “The G20 Summit in India greatly influenced our hotel and convention centre, especially in hosting corporate events. We experienced a surge in demand, hosting international delegations and prominent business leaders, resulting in a substantial revenue increase. Additionally, it facilitated valuable networking opportunities, enabling us to build strong relationships with global entities. This success has firmly established Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC) as the top choice for corporate and protocol events, ensuring ongoing industry growth.”

In light of the G20 Summit’s emphasis on sustainability, businesses have taken steps to align with eco-conscious practices for corporate clients. Rubin Cherian shared some of the initiatives adopted by Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre & HICC, including upgrading lighting and HVAC systems for energy efficiency and replacing plastic bottles with glass ones to reduce plastic waste.

Sharad K Upadhyay, General Manager, Crowne Plaza Greater Noida, emphasized IHG’s commitment to sustainability, “At Crowne Plaza Greater Noida, we view it as our duty to exercise prudence in resource utilization. This commitment extends to our meticulous management of food waste, reduction of plastic usage, responsible water consumption, fostering diversity & inclusion, community engagement, and support for biodiversity endeavours.”

To meet the sustainability-related expectations of event planners, businesses have implemented comprehensive approaches. Crowne Plaza Greater Noida focuses on resource management and obtaining third-party certifications such as Green Keys. Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre & HICC eliminated single-use plastics, promoted plastic-free water, and invested in solar power and food waste management.

IEML has embraced a holistic strategy, incorporating sustainable building designs, transportation options, staff training, and community engagement. These measures ensure their venue aligns with the highest sustainability standards.

The incorporation of sustainability as a central theme in events has yielded remarkable outcomes. Crowne Plaza Greater Noida’s efforts, such as collaborating with jhola makers and transforming PET bottle plastics, reduced waste generation and supported local communities. These initiatives showcased their dedication to sustainability, aligning with the G20 Summit’s emphasis on responsible practices.

Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre & HICC consistently integrate sustainability into all events, inspiring positive change within the industry.

This approach enhances attendee experiences and fosters meaningful environmental impact.

IEML’s sustainability initiatives have led to cost savings, which in turn have strengthened brand reputation, and valuable networking opportunities. They have also inspired others to adopt similar measures, leaving a lasting legacy of responsible practices.

The G20 Summit raised convention centres and hotels’ profiles and spurred them to adopt eco-conscious practices in line with its objectives and corporate client expectations. Their commitment to sustainability not only promotes a greener world but also positions them as leaders in responsible event hosting.

“In line with corporate sustainability, we have introduced energy-efficient lighting, HVAC systems, water conservation, recycling programs, and green building designs”

Rakesh Kumar, Chairman, India Expo Mart Limited (IEML)

“Small actions are pivotal in sustainability. Reducing waste, conserving energy, and eco-friendly choices all contribute to a greener world”

Rubin Cherian, General Manager, Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre & Hyderabad International Convention Centre

“We are deeply engaged in multiple sustainability projects. This includes teaming up with jhola makers to repurpose our discarded linen”

Sharad K Upadhyay, General Manager, Crowne Plaza Greater Noida