MOT plans for a Global MICE Conference: Rakesh Verma

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A Global M!CE Conference is scheduled during India’s G20 Presidency next year, speaking on which, Rakesh Verma, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, said, “During G20, the idea is to use this opportunity to position India’s tourism offerings, and M!CE is one segment where India needs to work extensively. A lot of new things are happening and the MOT has recently unveiled a strategy for M!CE tourism and a National M!CE Board has been set up. It is an inter-ministerial board to help us coordinate policies, take decisions and help us support the M!CE. It was a very important conference and we look forward to it to position India as a serious M!CE destination.” He also shared that they are now setting up the National Tourism Promotion Board. “Very soon, that scheme in its new form will be put in place, which will help us in re-energising and relaunching our overseas promotional campaign. As part of our strategy, we are targeting different markets for different products in the context of India’s overseas and inbound traffic,” he highlighted.