FITUR 2021 for recovery of tourism

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IFEMA is focusing all its effort on presenting an edition aimed at contributing to the revival of tourism at a time when FITUR’s role as a driving engine is critical and decisive

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The 41st edition of the International Tourism Fair, FITUR 2021, will be held from May 19-23 at Feria de Madrid. This comes after a meditated decision that, exceptionally, makes this event essential to the recovery of the tourism industry, at a time that will still preserve its high international impact and thus, promote theprofessional reunion of companies, countries and destinations and provide a much-needed boost to the worldwide tourism activity.

Relaunching tourism activity

For its part, IFEMA is focusing all its effort on presenting an edition aimed at contributing to the recovery of tourism at a time when FITUR’s role as a driving engine is critical and decisive. Therefore, it is especially important to focus on optimizing its rallying power, in addition to enriching its specialised content and new business niches, as well as promoting knowledge areas that contribute towards relaunching both the national and international tourism activity, as one of the world’s main growth engines and especially for Spain, where tourism is the main sector, both in terms of GDP and employment.

FITUR has the unanimous support from Spain’s tourism industry and it is currently the world’s second

major trade fair, and first regarding its impact on the Latin American market. Each edition brings together over 11,000 companies from 165 countries, as well as official representatives from a large number of nations from around the world. It

is also Spain’s major event for the tourism business, with over 250,000 attendees from around the world, as well as for innovation and promotion of new tourism segments, technological leadership in tourism management and a tool for knowledge transfer.

FITUR’s high level of representation is also acknowledged by the support from the World Tourism Organisation UNWTO, with the head office in Madrid; a bond that is also embodied in the Governing Board of Affiliate Members of the UNWTO which is currently chaired by IFEMA/FITUR. Its annual event entails an economic impact of €330 million, with the ensuing direct outcome on the recovery of tourism activities and boosting of the sectors linked to tourism.

‘Event of Exceptional Public Interest

The Spanish Government has declared FITUR an ‘Event of Exceptional Public Interest’ for its contribution to the recovery

of tourism in Spain. This designation is an important gesture of institutional support for IFEMA and its International Tourism Fair and acknowledges its work to encourage business development and recovery in the tourism sector.

The award of ‘Event of Exceptional Public Interest’ (AEIP) has been included in this year’s National Budget. The award became effective on January 1, 2021 and lasts for three years, until December 31, 2023. It will provide special support

over three years and further encourage the revitalization of Spain’s tourism industry and its image as a tourist destination. The budget was published in Law 11/2020, of December 30, on the General State Budget for 2021. Along with the support that accompanies this government recognition, the AEIP award will further strengthen FITUR’s efforts to encourage and promote market recovery, and boost and revitalise Spain’s tourism image. This legal status will enable FITUR to promote

private sector participation in a critical edition for the national tourism industry. It will also help strengthen public-private cooperation links, bringing companies together to support this goal that has already produced such brilliant results in other areas of the economy.

Tourism Recovery Special Edition

IFEMA is working on the contents of FITUR Especial Recuperación Turismo (FITUR Tourism Recovery Special Edition). This edition will focus on the need to revitalize Spain’s leading industry to enhance its leadership position, management capacity, strength as one of the foundations of the economy, and its intelligence for innovation and sustainability. In this context, it is important to emphasise how, over its 40-year history, FITUR has grown and consolidated its position as one of the most effective tools for promoting, developing, innovating and boosting the tourism industry in Spain.

Last year was an extremely complex one for the tourism industry, and FITUR Tourism Recovery Special Edition will therefore be an opportunity to join forces behind the shared goal of reviving tourism in Spain. Even though the 41st edition is still a few months away, it already has strong institutional as well as business backing.

quick byte Each edition of FITUR brings together over 11,000 companies from 165 countries

“Even though the 41st edition is still a few months away, it already has strong institutional & business backing”