Customer is ready. Are you?

bic event

Wipro’s webinar on building a resilient future for travel agencies focussed on how they should draw up a blueprint to bring about their digital transformation

Hazel Jain

Amit Madhan President & Group Head (IT & eBusiness), Thomas Cook India

There is no behaviour change that is required in a customer. That has already happened. There is a lot of technology available but you have to be creative in using it. Just look around you; there is so much innovation happening in everyday life. In future, you will have many different solutions similar to what you have in the iOS environment. You will have apps that will be suitable for some travel agencies and not others. This isn’t a time for optimisation but looking at a new way of doing things.

Jyoti Mayal President, Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI)

We work more on relationships in the travel industry in India. To transition from that to using technology will require time and effort. It’s also a factor of cost and choosing the right product for the agent. To rebuild our businesses now, we will require technology. TAAI has been trying to educate its members on this and it is also why we are looking for a good technology partner who can guide our members. Virtual reality is also going to play a very big role in this industry going forward.

Rajdev Bhattacharya Global Head Travel & Hospitality Services and Way2Go, Wipro

Technology doesn’t mean the human touch will disappear. The customer is ready now and if you don’t do it now, then when? The time is now. Now is the time to reset your business OTP – Operations, Technology and Process. Travel industry giants have already announced restructuring and are moving to the next phase of optimisation and serious technology investments. For many agents it is their last chance to act. We at Wipro Way2go are completely ready to be your technology partner.

Peyush Agarwal MD Designit

Technology can be intimidating but it is totally worth it. One thing that agencies should look at is service design. Re imagine how a service is rendered into the world and what is needed to interact with the customer as well as at the back-end. This pandemic has put into perspective how services need to run. It’s no longer enough to give information. Agents need to ask what is the value proposition they bring to client? How can they use their professional relationship to connect a chain of service for clients so they realise what you bring to the table is unique.